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Purity (GC) % weight          Min. 98.0

Chlorine Total                      Max. 100 ppm

Water Content % (K.F.)      Max. 0.05%

Colour (APHA)                   20±5

Acid Value                          0.05±0.01 mgKOH/g

Inhibitor (MEHQ)               100±50 ppm

Epichlorohydrin Content     Max. 500 ppm




Glycidyl methacrylate can be used to manufacture:

Powder Coatings

High Performance Automotive Coatings

Waterborne Coatings

Industrial and Protective Coatings

Radiation-curable Coatings

Appliance and Hardware Finishes


Electrical Laminates

Multifunctional Acrylates

Hydrogenated Liquid Epoxy Resin Substitutes

Plastic Modifiers (PVC, PET, Engineering Thermoplastics, Rubber)




                                                                                         Physical properties 

Formular Weight                                          142.16

Specific Gravity (20/4)                        1.074/1.080

Refractive Index Nd (20)                         1.4495

Viscosity (CPS at 20)                               2.53

Freezing Point                                          <-60

Specific Heat (cal/g/)                                0.42

Boiling Point (/mmHg)                             189/760, 75/10

Solubility (% 20) Water In                        2.04

Solubility (% 20) In Water                        2.50

Flash Point () Open Cup                            86

Flash point () Closed Oup                          81

Toxity (Acute oral LD50, rats, mk\KG)       1000

Tg of Polymer                                                46


      Product Information

Product Name: Glycidyl Methacrylate


Structral Formular:



Synonyms:  2,3-Epoxypropyl Methacrylate

Molecular Formula: C7H10O3

CAS No.: 106-91-2

EINECS No: 203-441-9

REACH Reference No.: 17-2119448959-16-0000


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