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All of our products are supplied under the management systems of ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Most of their products have been registered or pre-registered REACH. Since most of our products are manufactured by our own plants and

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 our long-term cooperation suppliers, quality of our products can be easily controlled. 

We have topping quality control center. There are 18 workers and researchers in our quality control center. Half of them have got the master degree or higher. There are also several precise instruments such as AAS, GC, PSA, UV-Vis and etc. in our QC center.  Our quality control certer has a long-term cooperation relationship with Shanghai institute of organic chemistry, CAS and Center of materials analysis, NJU. Quality of our products can be assured.  

Our management systems make us be your reliable partner. We have professional knowledge to operate in our organization, based on international guides and standards. We wish you will enjoy our innovative and value-adding services according to your needs.